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KLIA Network Disruption

Despite the network disruption, crowd management at the airport is currently under control

SEPANG – The systems disruption experienced at KL International Airport which began on 21 August 2019 is caused by network failure. As part of the steps taken to resolve this, we have replaced the network equipment which is currently being tested and closely monitored for stability.

According to Malaysia Airports group chief executive officer (CEO) Raja Azmi Raja Nazuddin, “Since the replacement of the network equipment, we have seen positive progress in network stability. Critical systems at KLIA Main terminal are now mostly up and running. Nevertheless, we have adopted a cautious approach and will remain vigilant as we are still experiencing some intermittent issues.”

“KLIA Main terminal is still experiencing some delays, but the situation is improving due to measures that have been put in place. Credit should go to the whole airport community for rallying together in facing this challenge. We have never seen better cooperation among airlines who are all helping one another so that flight operations can continue. Meanwhile, systems at KLIA’s second terminal, klia2, are generally not affected at present,” he added.

While our focus remains on ensuring the continuous availability of the systems, we are also extending all possible assistance to the airlines and passengers. There have been flight delays and cancellations, but we are managing this by utilising all 38 aircraft remote bays, as well as providing additional buses and ground handling services for the airlines to facilitate passenger movements at these remote bays. Other airports nationwide will also continue to extend their operating hours in the event that there are delayed departing flights from KUL.

We have also provided 1,000 additional staff to assist passengers on the ground and to help with the manual sorting of the baggage. We are also working very closely with the airlines to ensure that bags are delivered to their rightful owners. The additional manpower will remain in place until the situation is back to normal.

Raja Azmi also added that he is extremely appreciative of the general public’s patience and understanding in this matter, “We deeply regret the inconvenience that has been caused. While the situation is improving, we would still urge passengers to arrive at the terminal at least four hours prior to departure in the next few days.”

Passengers are also encouraged to continue using their respective airlines’ mobile apps or websites to check-in to avoid long queues at the airport, and to reach out to airport staff for assistance or further information regarding your flight details. We encourage passengers to stay updated through our social media platforms or the next news release.